Is There a Man in the House?

Are you curious about what really goes on in heaven? Many people are. Just this week, my wife looked at the framed pictures of my parents and her parents (all four deceased) and asked, “Do you think they’re in touch with each other now? Heaven has millions of people;...

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On the Receiving End of “the Look”

Did you grow up with a mom or a dad who, if you got out of line, could stop you in your tracks without saying a word? I certainly did. If I was doing or saying something inappropriate (especially in front of other people), a cold stare would let me know I had better...

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Avoiding the Iceberg

I confess I’m mystified these days by an odd crossover of opinion: more and more Christians seem to be trying to make ethical room for drinking … while at the same time secular authorities are warning and worrying about this … Read more »

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