It’s only natural for pastors, when asked, “So how’s it going?” to start talking about numbers: attendance, budgets, square footage of their churches. A much better measure is to study the four faces of the world’s greatest leader, Jesus Christ–the Shepherd, the Servant, the Steward, and the Seer (visionary). This comes from Bob Rhoden’s lifetime of ministry as a church planter (West End Assembly of God, Richmond, Va.) and a district superintendent.

“I rarely spend time with Bob that I don’t find myself writing down something he says. He makes me think. And I can’t remember spending time with him that I’m not inspired to trust God more. His faith is contagious.” –Mark Batterson, lead pastor, National Community Church, Washington, D.C., and best-selling author

“Leaders ask probing but appropriate questions. Here, Bob Rhoden raises questions that provoke us to cultivate our highest and best quality of leadership character. I’m sending a copy to my pastor!” –John Ashcroft, former Governor of Missouri, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Attorney General

Published in English and Spanish by My Healthy Church.