Of course the current culture isn’t what many of us would like it to be. Now, what to do about that? Does confrontation help, or hinder? Was America ever a “Christian nation”?

“A book for Christians serious enough to truly believe that God is God and that he accomplishes his ends through means consistent with his nature. It will not be popular with those who feel secretly that God has let the world down and that they must do what he has neglected to do. I thank Dean Merrill for saying boldly what deeply troubles many Christians about the politicized message of many of our very sincere brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a book worth reading in these troubled times. It will help us avoid hand-wringing as well as flailing anger.” –Jay Kesler, former president of both Youth for Christ and Taylor University

“Dean Merrill rightly warns us that the Church’s mission and resource are the power of the Gospel and prayer, not political posturing in anger, distrust, and suspicion.” –Jack Hayford, author, songwriter, noted pastor of The Church on the Way (Van Nuys, Calif.)

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